With special guest Joseph Cooney (https://jcooney.net). Mike, Steve and Joe discuss setting expectations in IT projects, changing technology choices, the announcement of Android Oreo, SpaceX’s new space suit design and ASP.Net Core 2.

Recorded: Friday 25th August, 2017
Hosts:  Mike Wise, Steve Rogers & Joseph Cooney
Running Time: 1:24:26

SIMD and Vectorization: Parallelism in C++ #1/3 (multitasking on single core)

sudo Sergeant 02 – Which Distributions are Important?

Android 8.0 Oreo Review.


“I come for the refactor and stay for the navigation.” – Steve


Mike and Steve discuss the demise of Flash, the Google memo leak, Event Driven applications and the total solar eclipse covering the US.

Recorded: Friday 16th August, 2017
Hosts:  Mike Wise & Steve Rogers
Running Time: 0:30:37

Julia Galef : A visual guide to Bayesian thinking.

Veritasium : The Bayesian Trap

Martin Fowler : The Many Meanings of Event-Driven Architecture