The Space Welders Podcast is a weekly show discussing the latest news in the world of technology, programming, gaming and science.

About your hosts


Michael Wise

I’m an Innovator, Product and Data Solutions type of guy.

I’ve owned and run Start-Ups and responsible for inventing Universal Platform (2004-2015), previous to this, R&D at Oracle, circa 1994 IT industry.

I’ve worked in Private and Government organizations, with depth and experience in IT consulting, software development and understanding Enterprise solutions, all which has earned me a reputation in the industry as a leader in Integration and Application development.

I also have a patent pending for technologies for which I’ve developed.  I love to work with and research new pervasive computing techniques, which engage Users with Applications having both social and commercial outcomes.

My two favourite words are “assembly required“.

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Steve Rogers

I’m a mild mannered .Net developer by day, crime fighting super soldier by night.  I bring a voice of reason and skepticism to counter point Mike’s wide-eyed optimism.

I have worked for several large private companies slinging code on a wide variety of projects but have come to enjoy and specialize in the Data Science process and creating products which allow ease of use of data.

I’m also the creative genius behind the editing and production on the podcast, so any audio errors are largely my fault.

My two favourite words are “free beer“.

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