Watch out for the toast as Mike and Steve discuss the news from this week’s Apple announcement including the iPhone X, Atlassian’s new UI kit, the latest and greatest IT careers and job titles, Cassini’s Grand Finale, and IBM’s quantum computing platform.

Recorded: Friday 15th September, 2017
Hosts:  Mike Wise & Steve Rogers
Running Time: 46:24



Mike and Steve discuss the demise of Flash, the Google memo leak, Event Driven applications and the total solar eclipse covering the US.

Recorded: Friday 16th August, 2017
Hosts:  Mike Wise & Steve Rogers
Running Time: 0:30:37

Julia Galef : A visual guide to Bayesian thinking.

Veritasium : The Bayesian Trap

Martin Fowler : The Many Meanings of Event-Driven Architecture



Keep to yourself and listen to Mike and Steve discuss the latest Amazon S3 leaks, Chance the Rapper possibly giving a lifeline to SoundCloud, Microsoft killing and resurrecting Paint and a roundup of the trailers released at San Diego Comic Con.

Recorded: Friday 28th July, 2017
Hosts:  Mike Wise & Steve Rogers
Running Time: 1:00:55



  • Handmaiden
  • 2 Minute Papers
  • Thug Notes
  • Thrones of course
  • SDCC Trailers
    • IT
    • Thor Ragnarock
    • Stranger Things 2
    • Doctor Who
    • Star Trek Discovery
    • Justice league
    • Ready Player One
    • Kingsman 2

Protect your privacy with 512 bits of podcast as Mike and Steve discuss the Australian government’s new encryption breaking bill, the next FCC vote on Net Neutrality, Pakistan’s font issues (yes, really) and the breakup of the Antarctic Larsen C ice shelf.

Recorded: Friday 14th July, 2017
Hosts:  Mike Wise & Steve Rogers
Running Time: 0:34:43




Remember to deduct your listening expenses as Mike and Steve chat about the Australian government’s R&D tax scheme, augmented reality Tetris, DWave’s commercial quantum computing offerings, responsible data science and indulge in some Doctor Who chat (spoilers).

Recorded: Friday 7th July, 2017
Hosts:  Mike Wise & Steve Rogers
Running Time: 0:47:05



  • Doctor Who
  • Twin Peaks, or, what they fuck is going on in David Lynch’s mind?
  • Baby Driver Reviews
  • Ready Player One

It’s PodConCast Part 2 as Mike and Steve discuss all the announcements from WWDC.

Recorded: Monday 12th June, 2017
Hosts: Mike Wise & Steve Rogers
Running Time: 0:33:49

State of the Union

iOS 11 on the iPad!


  • E3 June 13th
    • MS Scorpio
    • Games
      • Assassin’s Creed: Origins
      • New Bioware IP ?
      • Call of Duty: WWII
      • Crackdown 3 – cloud based physics?
      • Destiny 2
      • Far Cry 5
      • Middle-earth: Shadow of War
      • Sports?
      • Star Wars: Battlefront II
    • Presentations from
      • Microsoft, Bethesda, EA, Sony, UbiSoft , Nintendo


  • House of Cards – WFT is going on?
  • Steve on DR Who – well there you go.

Hang ten as Mike and Steve discuss the news out of the Computex show including Intel’s new I9 processor, the USA pulling out of the Paris climate agreement, news from the AWE AR/VR conference and the latest gravity wave detection.

Recorded: Monday 2nd June, 2017
Hosts: Mike Wise & Steve Rogers
Running Time: 0:48:15

Veritasium – NEW Gravitational Wave Discovery

I have some things to say – Core i9 & X299 … poor Linus )c;

APPLE PARK June 2017 Drone Tour 4K


What’s Keeping Us Busy

  • Travelreel –
    • What: Travelreel are specialists in producing web video content specifically for the Australian accommodation industry.  We pride ourselves on delivering rich, informative, and engaging content for a wide range of accommodation types including hotels, apartments and resorts.
  • Order some Travelreels (c:


Fear not, Mike and Steve are now 100% as they discuss the WannaCry virus, the fall of the MP3 format, and a round up of Microsoft Build, Google IO and Nvidia’s conference.

Recorded: Monday 19th May, 2017
Hosts: Mike Wise & Steve Rogers
Running Time: 0:36:47

Google IO 2017

Microsoft Build 2017

NVidia GTC 2017



  • Microsoft Build 2017 Round UP (Satya Nadella)
    • Overall sentiment: “AI Rules”.
    • Conversations as a Platform.
    • Intelligent Cloud -> Intelligent Edge.
    • No longer Mobile First.
    • Distributed AI.
    • Server-less Computation future of distributed computing.
    • Azure IOT Edge
    • That weird work place demo
      • HR On boarding though-to Detection.
    • Cortana in a Box.
    • Motor Neurone
    • Azure CLI.
      • Bash !!!!!!
    • Azure Mobile for IOS andAdroid.
      • Has cloud shell !!! SSH For-the-WIN!!
    • Visual Studio for MAC.
    • Presentation Translator for PowerPoint.
  • Nvidia Round Up – AI Rules
    • Overall sentiment: “AI Rules”.
    • Tesla v100 – holy shit.
    • Volta with Tensor Core.
      • Limits of Photo-lithography.
        • 21B processors.
        • 12″ waffer 800mm squared.
        • ( Tensors are geometric objects that describe linear relations between geometric vectors, scalars, and other tensors. Elementary examples of such relations include the dot product, the cross product, and linear maps)
        • 5000 processor cores.
        • 7.5 teraflops of 64bit floating point.
        • 15 teraflops of 32bit floating point.
        • Tensor (AI/Deep Learning/ HPC) vs Cuda (Gaming)core
        • Fused Multiply-Add operations :
          • or Fused Multiply-Accumulate.
          • 2 4×4 matrixes.
          • 64 FMA per clock 4 times the amount of Cuda.
          • Great for compute!!!
          • Sux for gaming just yet.
        • Low yield so more expensive harder to produce.
      • Holo Deck.
      • Deep Learning for Ray Tracing.
        • (makes things less blurry faster)
  • Google IO 2017 (Sundar Pichai) – AI Rules
    • Organizing the World’s information.
      • 800+ Active Users.
    • Deep Learning – Training is Expensive.
    • AutoML – AI creating better AI.
    • TensorFlow Lite.
    • Google Assistant SDK.
    • Google Home.
      • Hands Free Calling in US
    • Google Photo – Suggested sharing?
    • Google Lens.
    • Kotlin for Android.
      • JetBrains thang.
    • AI First.
    • YouTube – Billion Hours a Day.
    • Super Chat.
    • Android 2 billion active devices.
      • New Launcher.
      • Picture in Picture.
    • Building for Billions.
    • Tango – AR thing.
    • Job search on Google
  • NHS hack
  • MP3 Dead long live AAC


  • The Orville
  • NetFlix: Star Trek Discovery
  • NetFlix: Anne of Green Gables
  • Gorillaz
    • Andromeda, Busted and Blue, and Out of Body
  • Alien Covenant
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

The AI is learning, prepare for takeover, as Mike and Steve discuss the latest type of machine learning, Google entering the ad blocking business, a new ranking of the popularity of programming languages, and the Australian government commencing metadata retention.

Recorded:Monday 21st April, 2017
Hosts: Mike Wise & Steve Rogers
Running Time: 0:39:59

Cinematography Database

Super Mario World Tool-Assisted Speedrun (Human Theory) in 9:39.1

TASBot playing SMW Total Control and various other TASes




Mike and Steve are snooping your hard drives and discussing the latest privacy laws in the US, Amazon’s new Make-A-Phonetree service, YouTube’s latest issues with advertisers pulling their ads and the demise of CodePlex.

Recorded:Monday 7th April, 2017
Hosts: Mike Wise & Steve Rogers
Running Time: 0:33:13