Mike and Steve talk about Samsung’s entry into the IOT market, the Australian government decision to charge GST on overseas purchases, gamifying big data analysis, Uber accepting cash payments in India and a vigorous discussion on Marvel and comic book movies.

 Recorded: Friday May 15th, 2015
 Hosts: Mike Wise & Steve Rogers
 Running Time: 45:38


More on the Artik

“Back in January, Samsung said it planned to get 90 percent of its products connected by 2017, with a broader goal of hitting 100 percent in the next five years. Samsung CEO BK Yoon also said that its system would be open to others, which Sohn backed up today.”
The Artik line is made up three different sizes, what Samsung is calling the Artik 1, 5, and 10. The one is the tiniest of the bunch, measuring at 12mm by 12mm, and runs off a coin cell battery for what Samsung says is “several weeks.” It has Bluetooth LE, an accelerometer, a 9-axis motion sensor, a gyroscope, a magnetometer, and a cost of less than $10. Samsung envisions companies using it for Bluetooth tags (like Tile), location beacons, and wearables. The larger Artik 5 (which is a little larger than a quarter) is like a small computer, and adds Wi-Fi, ZigBee wireless, and onboard 720p video decoding. Samsung says a good use case of the Artik 5 would be something like on-board chips for drones. Lastly, the Artik 10 — which is the most like a small computer and will run about $100 — adds more storage, 1080p video decoding, and a 1.3GHz Octa Core processor, all things Samsung says will be useful for media hubs, home servers, and personal cloud storage devices.