Mike and Steve gush over the new HP laptop and the Tesla Model 3, wonder about the TSA paying $46,000 on an arrow pointing app, cover the first VR chat show, freak out about the Star Wars Rogue One trailer, and Steve becomes obsessed with Hamilton.

Recorded: Friday 8th April, 2016
Hosts: Mike Wise, Steve Rogers 
Running Time: 51:00


HP Spectre



30,000km @ 3.15c/km (30kWh/100km consumption, 15.76c/kWh) = $945/yr
Servicing over 5yrs/150,000km ($1875) – $375/y
Total yearly cost for Tesla – $1320


Toyota Corolla
30,000km @ 7.7c/km (7L/100km consumption, $1.10/L) = $2310/yr
Servicing over 5yrs/150,00km ($3904) – $780/yr
Total yearly cost for Corolla – $3090



  • Jentoft

    Roadster (a roadster), model S (sedan), Model X (SUV), Model 3 (“volkswagen sedan” which was supposed to be model E)…Just waiting for model Y now….supposedly a crossover, but hopefully a wagon.

    • Steve

      You’re right, I had in my mind the S was an SUV. Guess the 3 is still “in-betweeny” and boy is it purdy.