Mike and Steve discuss the Abbott government’s feelings on teaching kids to code, John Nash (1928-2015), Google getting sued by Oracle, Valve’s amazing new Lighthouse tracking technology and Mike’s personal experience with the Marginal Utility of Toddlers.

Recorded: Friday May 29th, 2015
Hosts: Mike Wise & Steve Rogers
Running Time: 1:03:50



  • Game Theory
    • Behaviors in strategic settings.
    • Used in economics.
    • Game: needs 2 players (agents) + payoffs (outcomes) + rules
    • Not obvious how people behave.
    • “Prisoner delimma” (choices: testify or keep quiet) own self interest.
    • Much like decision grids with weights based on outcomes.
  • Coding
    Yesterday, Prime Minister Tony Abbott made a very odd comment in Parliament, effectively suggesting that teaching coding to all kids was tantamount to child labour. Today, he avoided that analogy, but he still wasn’t ready to commit to basic coding skills being taught to every student.”
  • Internet of Things

    • http://www.gizmodo.com.au/2015/05/google-announces-brillo-and-weave-to-control-your-smart-home/
    • http//lifehacker.com/all-the-important-stuff-google-announced-at-i-o-2015-1707454800
    • http://www.parrot.com/au/products/flower-power/  – IoT for Pot Plants.
    • Use Cases
      • Apart from the tech of this, what’s some good use case Farming, Mining and public safety, things like pollen , smog monitors, creek levels for flood monitoring.
      • building bigger and bigger emergency response capabilities, make the public more resilient.  So using common IOT protocol and cheap sensors check things like creek levels for flood monitoring, the build up of combustible leaf matter for bush fires, methane levels.