Mike and Steve talk about Oculus limiting third party VR devices accessing Oculus games, Paramount dropping it’s lawsuit against Axanar, JPL using a Hololens to help design new rovers and the failure of water divining in Wagga Wagga (surprise).

Recorded: Friday  27th May, 2016
Hosts: Mike Wise, Steve Rogers 
Running Time: 53:45

Beastie Boys


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  • Michael Wise

    Oculus Rift: comes with new installer and its a bit of a pain. BUT there is a switch to allow non-oculus rift “approved” apps to run.

    Plenty of “got-chas” such as latest drivers on video cards support NVidia and ATI and I mean latest or forget it.

  • Michael Wise

    Correction: Brain-fart it was Voyager not Enterprise! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_Trek:_Voyager