Prepare for the wubs as Mike and Steve drop the bass about the possible current in the Olympic pool, the shifting of Australia’s coordinates slightly north, using Blockchain to sell solar power back to the grid and, is the Xbox becoming a PC?

Recorded: Sunday 21st August, 2016 yep got the day wrong !!!! Frick-n-cats !!!! causing a time rift !!!!
Hosts: Mike Wise & Steve Rogers
Running Time: 49:12

Mike at API Days

API Days

Mike scratching his head at API Days … I know, I know back to the camera … I had a laser pointer what can you do !



Stranger Things Sound Track

Stranger Things (Machete Cut)

So hot right now …

AlphaRhythm – Have Space Suit Will Travel

  • scaganoff

    Loving the podcast guys. A quick correction on APIdays…the next event is in Auckland in October (so it hasn’t happened yet), then London also in October and Paris happens around December timeframe.